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I jumped on a mountain bike for the first time in late November of 2013, after moving to Southwest Colorado. I didn’t know it at the time, but that one decision completely changed my life. I became instantly hooked to the technique, thrills and culture that surrounds the sport. I am grateful for the people that cycling has brought into my life and I hope everyone else is as blessed by it as I am.

I have always been an ambitious, and I love the feeling of competition. I decided to enter my first big bike race on a whim in the winter of 2015: the Silverton Whiteout. A ten hour fat bike race sounded like a great way to spend my day. I won first place solo female, and actually beat the second place man by a few minutes. This was the beginning of something huge for me. I relished in the excitement of the win, but I found myself craving the euphoria of the actual race even more. While I enjoy the pressure of competition, I also find a sense of strength from big solo adventures in the mountains and deserts of Southwest Colorado and Utah. I am hoping in the years to come to broaden my horizons and increase the depths of my riding experience.



  1. Silverton Whiteout ten hour fat bike 2/7/15 - 1st place solo female

  2. Four corners Cyclocross, Dolores 11/7/15 - 9th place open women

  3. Silverton Whiteout ten hour fat bike race 2/6/15 - 1st place solo women

  4. 24 hours of Old Pueblo 2/13-14/16 - 4th place solo female

  5. 12 hours of Mesa Verde, 5/7/16 - 1st place solo female

  6. Iron Horse Bicycle Classic – Road 5/28/16 – 10th place open women

  7. Iron Horse Bicycle Classic – Mountain Bike 5/29/16 – 16th place open women

  8. 24 hours in the Enchanted Forest, 6/18-19/16 – 1st place solo women

  9. Leadville Silver Rush 50, 7/9/16 – 3rd place age group 30-39, 7th place overall female

  10. Leadville Trail 100, 8/15/16 – 11th place age group 30-39, 34th place overall female

  11. Lone Cone Fat Bike Challenge, 1/14/17 - 1st place women

  12. Silverton Whiteout, 2/4/17 - 1st place duo women

  13. 24 Hours of Old Pueblo, 2/18/17 - 6th place solo female

  14. Vegas World Cup Zwift Race, 4/8/17 - 3rd place

  15. 12 Hours in The Wild West, 4/22/17 - 2nd place solo female

  16. 12 Hours of Mesa Verde, 5/13/17 - 21st solo female

  17. Iron Horse Bicycle Classic Mountain Bike, 5/28/17 - 12th open/pro

  18. Rat Race Ridgeway, 6/10/17 - 3rd open/pro

  19. Bailey Hundo, 6/17/17 - 3rd open/pro

  20. Breck 60, 7/29/17 - 1st open/pro

  21. Breck Epic, 8/13-8/18/17 - 10th open/pro

 25. Four Corners Cyclocross - Dolores, 11/4/17, - 4th 

 26. Four Corners Cyclocross - Pagosa Springs, 11/11/17, - 2nd

 27. Lone Cone Fat Bike Challenge, 1/13/18 - 1st

 28. Crested Butte Fat Bike World Championship, 1/27/18 - 1st



Model: City of Cortez, Mesa Verde Country – 11/15

Model: Specialized Bicycles 2017 Road Apparel Catalog

Model: Specialized Bicycles 2016 Ruby/Roubaix video

Model: Specialized Bicycles 2016 Woman’s Camber video

Model/Actress: Chi Franciscan commercial 3/24/17

Model: Specialized Bicycles 2017 Chisel shoot

Kokopelli Bike and Board – Sales position, 2014 – May 2017

Educator with Crow Canyon and the Anasazi Heritage Center 2013-2015



Director of Ride of the Ancients, a charity bike event for cancer care

Board Member for the Southwest Memorial Foundation 2013- present

Board Member for the High Desert Conservation District 2014- present

Volunteer at the Bridge Emergency Shelter 2013-2015

Volunteer Librarian – the Anasazi Heritage Center 2013-2015

Volunteer Teacher – Kiva Montessori School and Battle Rock Elementary 2015

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