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Breck Epic Stage 2 - The Colorado Trail and a Smiling Ash

Day 2 start!

All I notice is the single track trail in front of me. The bike underneath me is an extension of my body. It's almost magical and it doesn't happen too often. Today, I caught a few glimpses of this magic. In short, I felt better today.

Today's course was filled with an enormous amount of climbing, but the route had more single track and I loved it. It was mountain biking at its finest. Fast descents and some smooth flow sections helped me make up some time. I was thankful for the wider 2.35'' tire that I put on my front wheel. Special thanks to the guys at Kokopelli Bike and Board for the recommendation. ;0)

I started today with a more positive attitude, and I think it payed off. I can't help but feel proud of where I have come, proud of what I am doing. These were the thoughts that I focused on, not the negative self deprecating ones from yesterday. I can't compare myself to other riders out there because we are all different athletes with different experiences. I just have to take one day at a time.

Ultimate recovery time.

Tomorrow will be an even tougher day. Lots of climbing and time at high altitude will make for a longer day. Once again, I will just ride my own race, trust my body and ride with joy. I am just so thankful to be here. I can't thank the Amy D Foundation enough for giving me this opportunity to push my limits this week!

Frito's... my favorite post ride snack.

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