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Breck Epic: Day 4 - Suffering with Joy


I know I've mentioned it, but I love riding on single track in the high country. Today's course featured some amazing trails, exposure, steep climbs and fast descents. With a huge smile on my face, I rode my own race and enjoyed the process.

I found it easy to not focus on the negative today. The route was still difficult, 41 miles and around 6,000 ft of climbing, but I had fun. Any time a negative thought popped into my mind, I turned my focus to the route, the reason why I'm riding this race and the beautiful scenery around me.

There was one section of trail that was steeply exposed with tight switchbacks. Honestly, this trail was a little nerve-racking but the views were spectacular. I love the challenge of trails like this. The reason; the trail has to be my only focus and I don't have to think on anything else.

Tomorrow will be another tough day. The course takes us to Wheeler pass which is over 12,500 ft. I expect another serious challenge that will teach me even more about myself and my abilities. Today I embraced the suffering, and tomorrow I will continue to suffer with joy.

Ready to go after breakfast

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